Turbo Mechanical Services, Inc.


About US

Turbo Mechanical Services, Inc., more commonly referred to as "Turbo", is located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The formation of TMS is the culmination of efforts by it's President and General Manager, Steven P. Bouchard, to capitalize on his experience working 12 years (1974-1986) for Westinghouse Power Generation Services Division as a millwright and supervisor at various power generation facilities throughout the U.S..  Started in 1987, the focus was to provide skilled craft labor to both the Pulp & Paper and Power Generation Industries.


Over the years the business has slowly grown with a sharply defined objective of providing the Power Industry with skilled and knowledgeable craft labor for the servicing of power generation equipment. As the business grew, demand became more directed toward the quality services TMS provides to the power generation industry, including steam, gas and hydrogenerators.


In addition to its labor force, the company has become known for its extensive collection of tools and organization, initiated by Steven Bouchard, and then expanded upon and redeveloped into multiple, highly versatile sets by Operations Manager Brad Bouchard, with an emphasis on specialized application tooling. With tool sets that can be transported to anywhere in the country, there is virtually no task that crews are unprepared to handle.


The company recognizes that personal performance, safety and efficiency are impacted by the availability of proper tools. As such, we vigorously go through and assess the condition of tools and equipment prior to any job, and repair or replace them as need be. This attention to detail helps to assure that work is done correctly and in a manner that meets the needs of the Customer.


In early 1998, TMS became a qualified service provider for then ABB Power Generation, Inc., now known as ALSTOM Power, Inc., quickly becoming the go-to service provider for the VAX turbine fleet, while continuing to provide service for the IT-KT, 11N and GT24 machines. TMS eventually formed relationships with companies such as Siemens D.D.T.I., E.N.E.L./C.H.I., Elliott Turbomachinery and several other companies. With Siemens acquisition of the VAX fleet from ALSTOM in 2002, TMS continues to service these machines, in addition to Siemens fleet machines.


"Turbo" is not in the market of selling or warranting parts, however, TMS does warrant the basic craftsmanship provided under the technical direction of the Customer's field advisors.