Turbo Mechanical Services, Inc.


Our Services


We offer a wide range of mechanical services for the inspection and repair of turbines, gearboxes and generators including:



  • Servicing new and existing equipment installations
  • Minor and major overhauls
  • Retrofit conversions
  • Bearing inspections
  • Valve repair and replacement
  • OEM parts replacement conversions
  • Packing and Seal installation/repair
  • Sensor and accessory installation/calibration
  • Tight-wire alignment
  • Spray metalizing
  • Slip Ring grinding

Having the skill and knowledge to complete the task at hand in itself isn't going to get the job done unless you have the proper tools.


Our services include one of the most complete and efficient tool sets in the industry, designed  for servicing heavy, rotating  machinery. We also come prepared with proprietary tooling, designed by Turbo Mechanical Services for the express purpose of facilitating efficient and expeditious progress, with the goal of reduction in outage duration. 



We service most makes of turbines, with strong focus on ABB/ALSTOM and Siemens/ DeLaval machines, as well as Elliott, Mitsubishi, Turbodyne and other makes.